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5 Reasons you should consider building with STEEL.

Why build with steel?
The sheer strength of our pre-engineered steel buildings far outweighs other types of construction. Our steel structures offer infinite design flexibility and are engineered for your specific wind loads, snow loads, etc... Steel buildings stand up better to wind, fire and insects (especially termites!). Your new steel building should also be less expensive to insure. A Capital Steel Building will provide you with a lifetime of low maintenance enjoyment.

Do you provide buildings in my area?
We have successful projects in 43 states and have the ability to deliver coast to coast. Capital Steel Buildings utilizes over 20 shipping locations to help insure the most cost effective building delivery as possible. It's always better to invest your money on the building rather than expensive freight to get it there.

Do you have crews to install my building?
With Capital Steel Building, INC. you get the best of both worlds. Capital Steel Buildings has a long history of working with great subcontractors to erect your building. We can quote your project with & without the cost of labor. The best part is the erectors work directly FOR you. You get the benefit of an experienced crew with intimate knowledge of Capital Steel Buildings without having to pay the additional 15% to 20% cost for general contractors.

Do you provide the concrete?
While Capital Steel Buildings, INC. does not provide the actual concrete, we do provide anchor bolt drawings with every clear span or I-beam building showing the exact location & dimension of the required anchor bolts. All storage facilities include an easy-to-read concrete schematic detailing the exact dimensions of the concrete pad, door block outs & sheet notch.

Why build with Capital Steel Buildings, Inc.
Capital Steel Buildings, INC. is a family owned & operated company with over 20 years history of providing quality, American made buildings throughout the country. We build long term customer relationships by following the golden rule; Do unto others.You can always speak directly to the owner, C. Robert Reed regarding your project, your concerns and help resolve any issues you may have.

What accessories can you provide with my building?
Along with your Capital Steel Building, we have a full menu of standard options such as doors, windows, insulation and gutters. We can also provide all the bells & whistles - Overhangs, lean-toos, wainscot, ridge vents, just to name a few. If you want a particular item, color or profile...we can deliver it!

Can you match the color or appearance of an existing building?
YES! Capital Steel Buildings can match nearly every type of sheet or trim profile. Our color selections are virtually limitless. We provide a full selection of siliconized polyester and Kynar 500 colors to choose from. Call today for a free brochure & color chart. 1.866.747.6166

Do you provide financing?
Capital Steel Buildings leaves the financing to the banking professionals. We provide all of the necessary paperwork & documentation to satisfy the bank need for cost analysis & appraisals purposes. Call today for a free quote! 1.866.747.6166

Steel is the mainstay of major cities across America. The benefits are many which draw builders and contractors to use it as a main source of material in new construction in all industries. Today steel buildings are built with innovations that make them attractive and practical for buildings of various purposes.

When looking at new construction here are the top 5 reasons you should consider Building with steel:

1. Cost Efficient: Cost is a major concern in construction of any type. Because of it's own strength, steel is one of the most economical materials today. Less constructive appendages are required which saves time and labor. Some construction steel projects are eligible for energy efficiency tax credits as well.

With steel buildings have less maintenance and last longer, make it more cost effective after construction as well. The paint on steel buildings is durable and can last as long as 40 years. As well, metal roofs have a lower maintenance expense than asphalt or single ply roofs.

2. Energy Efficient: With natural resources limited, energy performance and sustainability are important. By using steel there is less construction waste, up to 95% recycled material and is 100 % recyclable itself. Buildings constructed of steel will be coveted with LEED credits as well.

All steel structures won't need replacing as quick as other materials such as concrete, stone or wood structures. Construction using steel that has ENERGY STAR® label reduce energy consumption because they conserve up to 95% of their reflective economic value

3. Diverse Varieties: Steel comes in a variety of colors, designs, shapes and sizes allowing many options of construction. The finishes, installation options and textures of steel makes it even more flexible than ever before. For existing buildings, steel is a flexible material that is perfect for strengthening areas that have weakened.

4. Utilizes Space: Using steel for construction can make a building more valuable on the real estate market as it offers more usable space. With the ease to customize it and builders can create longer spans of space with the rolled beams and lattice or trussed construction that steel offers. This lends to open and unobstructed spaces.

5. Long Lasting: Steel construction stands strong in the face of natural or man-made disasters. It is consistent and predictable through time and can withstand most harsh weather conditions. All steel buildings are fire and insect resistant, mold-proof and noncombustible. An all steel building won't shrink or warp and can be treated so that it doesn't rust.

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